Q. Can you make furniture to any measurement?

A. Yes. Your option as a customer is to modify all measurements to suit your design and décor. Many customers make their furniture longer or shorter, taller or shorter, to personalise pieces for their home.

Q. Why are your prices subject to change?

A. Many factors are considered in the pricing of each item, and there are changes in costs for materials like timber and fabric, labour and shipping, that will impact each quote.

Q. Is it possible to match in with the style of furniture I already have?

A. Yes. Ballarat Furniture Company custom designs each piece to create a coordinated look in your home. Whether it is the timber, colour or style, our furniture can match your existing pieces easily.

Q. Where are your chairs made?

A. All chairs at our showroom are made by Ballarat Furniture Company at our workshop in Ballarat. Our range includes timber backed models and fully upholstered designs.

Q. Do you make extension tables?

A. Yes. Many of our tables are available as extension models. We use five different methods to extend tables, depending on your needs.

Q. Do you offer a guarantee with your furniture?

A. Ballarat Furniture Company offers a ten year structural guarantee on everything we make. This covers any defects in workmanship affecting the structure of the piece concerned. Timber is a natural material that responds to differences in temperature, light and moisture. Care instructions are available upon sale of each item. All fabrics supplied by Australian manufacturers have their own guarantees also.

Q. How does your custom design process work? 

A. If you would like Ballarat Furniture Company to create a piece for you, it is as simple as a phone call, email or visit to our showroom. William Price can help you design furniture that suits your home, and give a definite quote for the cost and time involved in making your piece.

Q. Are you open for Easter?

A. No. We take a break over the Easter period but would love for you to visit another time.